ICE Mobile is a global technology service provider with offices in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We have over 10 years of experience in delivering world class mobile marketing and communication solutions.

We own and operate our proprietary messaging platforms and global network infrastructure to offer secure delivery and billing of mobile marketing messages, content and campaigns to our international partners and clients, who are primarily global brand owners, mobile phone service operators and content providers or aggregators.

A pioneer in communications solutions on mobile platforms and our businesses range from multimedia messaging to location-based mobile marketing technologies targeted at corporate users and other consumer communities. In a highly competitive world, ICE Mobile differentiates itself by its extensive connections with over 650 mobile operators worldwide and by the high reliability of its services.
ICE works with some of the world class network providers to deliver its messages. As mobile devices become the most relevant means for reaching customers, and as marketers aim to be in step with shifts in content consumption patterns, ICE aims to be at the forefront in developing and providing mobile solutions to support this evolution. ICE offices in Singapore and Malaysia are strategically located to exploit the fast-growing mobile communications markets in Asia.
Our business focus is to provide innovative services and solutions for individual and business needs using improved messaging technology to meet the evolving demands and specifications of today’s mobile data industry. The emphasis on innovative service concepts and value-added services, which drive revenue streams remain our key differentiators within the industry.

Through our global experience in mobile services and products, we are able to provide true worldwide coverage as we hold ties with over 617 networks in over 200 countries around the world. We have recently been acquired by the Vascory Group (VG1), which enables us to expand our regional presence and function as a global, premier SMS hub provider.

Web SMS Service
Web SMS is a web-based application that lets users send SMS messages to end users directly from a web browser. These messages can be sent directly to your users either individually or via groups, to wherever they are and from wherever you might be.
This application is also capable of receiving SMS messages to an SMS inbox. This gives a greater and clearer overview of dialogues between you and your end users.

International Wholesale Messaging Service
IWM is a one-way mobile messaging service, which functions as a broadcast channel via SMS for Mobile Operators, Content Providers/ Aggregators and Global Brand Owners to communicate with mobile users, locally and globally. This service is catered more towards corporate clients who would implement this service in their respective systems.
IWM is a cost-effective message solution that enables one-way broadcasting with huge volume transactions across a greater network. The interface:
• Supports fixed ID originators
• Supports text, binary and Unicode data transmission
• Supports concatenated messages
• Provides full Delivery Receipts (DR) for each SMS message
• Allows managed messaging throughput up to 80 SMS/second
• Supports Mobile Number Portability (MNP)

International Premium Messaging Service
IPM is a two-way more mobile messaging service that enables application-to-mobile and mobile-to-application functions that enable customers to request for or retrieve information on demand. These requests will be charged directly to the end users through an integrated billing system.
Rather than just connectivity with this service, we provide market know-how, interactive applications and a unique billing system to support our partners and clients.
• Intelligent Charge and Reverse Billing
• Shared dedicated short code
• Real-time monitoring of service revenues
• Multiple countries with a single connection
• Multiple currency reconciliation
• 24-hour user accessibility

Outlook Add-in for SMS Service
Outlook Add-in serves as a tool that provides enhanced and more efficient communication through the use of Microsoft Outlook, the premium business and personal management tool and calendar software. It is designed as an instrument to assist corporate employees and SMEs when interacting with colleagues on urgent matters.


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